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Utilizator: kutedymples
Note primite:
Titlu: Jimi Hendrix 
Data: acum 15 ani si 296 zile
Dimensiune: 282 K
Vizualizari: 1375
10 din 32 voturi
Tags: rock & roll, music, hendrix, 70\'s, psychadelic,  
Descriere: music legend of the 1970's 
Utilizator: Teodorika acum 15 ani si 280 zile

welcome back!!!!! I was waiting 4 u 2 come and draw something fabulos.. but u cross my expectations!!! :))) Very nice and the colours are perfect mixed! :))) 10 :))) if it's not too much to ask, come and see a few of my drawings!! :P

Oh.. and the girl "weylania" says "nu te cred!!!! jura!" that means "i don't beleve you!!!!!!!! Swear!!!" :P I don't agree with her, and i'm glad that this site is used by different countrys!!! :) (just between us, she doesen't really speak that much english...) :)))

Utilizator: Paula_pink acum 15 ani si 270 zile

you draw so beautiful....10+

Utilizator: serena99 acum 15 ani si 267 zile

you are i dont' know i am 9 old years bye

Amurg Aprins
Utilizator: Amurg Aprins acum 15 ani si 264 zile

nice one, and i like Hendrix a lot , who doesn't ? :)Would love to see a John Lee Hooker portrait.You rock !

Utilizator: alya. acum 15 ani si 263 zile

I'm surprised that you don't know some other sites like ratemydrawings etc, do you?

However, I really like your style and I'm happy to know what you said (that we made you feel at home.)

Susie LaLonde
Utilizator: Susie LaLonde acum 15 ani si 261 zile

I belong to rmd, floatingginkgo, sketchfu, 2draw and many more drawing sites. I do like it here though, I haven't had time to do much drawing lately my husband has been very sick and in the hospital. Hopefully soon though. I will look up John Lee Hooker and try a portrait of him as well as soon as I get back into drawing more. I am glad you all like this and thank you so much for the wonderful comments.

Utilizator: ***Ioana*** acum 15 ani si 260 zile

I hope you're husband is better...I love your drawings and i'll wait for another one...10^^

Utilizator: beatrice^^ acum 15 ani si 220 zile

love the afro hair*.*

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