Nume: TuYohCeConteaza?
Varsta: 25
Localitate: Fieni
Membru din: acum 12 ani si 43 zile
Nota medie: 9.96924
I live life like I'll die the next second,I enjoy everything like I will loose them right now,My mind is blured by fun,for I enjoy everything,My actions reflect a kid,But what can I say?I am a kid!I'm so childish I can't think properly and I laugh whenever an oportunity comes by,because I may loose my laugh forever if I don't!I hate people who think they're supperior,because we're equal even if we're smaller or stupid...Don't forget:a person's a person no matter how small,Don't forget to enjoy all....and smile btw(by the way^^)

Hmm despre mn?Sa vedem:
-urasc persoanele care cer voturi pe desene care nici macar n-au un gram de efort in ele(exemplu o foaie alba pe care e scris:VOTATI sau cva de genu)
-urasc persoanele ipocrite care n-au un gram de minte si se cred superiori
-iubesc natura si o respect cu toata fiinta
-sunt un copil frate;trebuie sa radem pana nu mai putem si sa zambim mereu pana ne dor obrajii;
-iubesc basketul,ping pong-ul,inotul;sight seeing,skinny dipping,etc..
-imi place sa desenez ceea ce-mi vine in minte sau ce am chef...ador animeul

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